If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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Cosmetics with
Hemp-Derived CBD

Our products contain high-quality broad spectrum hemp cannabidiol and essentials oils.

"Since the very first day I received and tried the products from RelaxLands, I learned that my skin could actually feel rejuvenated, soft, and hydrated. The fast absorption from the facial serum left my skin feeling years younger. The combination of organic ingredients in the facial serum and facial cream worked magically on taking away the redness on my skin, the scars caused by acne and the sun, and the dryness other products left behind. I also want to add that RelaxLands has also perfectly shaped a container that is easy of use and a perfect travel pack. The bottle will give you even the very last drop of the serum and cream, not like other products that you throw away with two days worth of cream in there."


"I have extremely sensitive skin so I rarely try new products but after learning more about the serum and facial cream, I highly recommend both products from RelaxLands. Not only do they make your skin feel soft and silky but I saw a noticeable reduction in my acne scarring and sun spots within a week of using both products at night and in the morning. I’ve used serums before that are the combined price of both the serum and facial cream and I haven’t seen such big changes like with the RelaxLands products. I’ve even gotten my husband to use it and he’s very hesitant about trying new products on his face but he loves it. We will definitely be purchasing again!"

Stephanie Gonzalez

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